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Oct 12 2017

Jamie Holter Practice Manager of the Year

On behalf of the Wisconsin Veterinary Practice Managers Association (WVPMA) I am honored to be able to present the practice manager of the year award. The choice is always difficult. We had several great candidates nominated but only one can receive the award. A practice manager wears many hats on any given day. A counselor, a financial officer, a janitor, a receptionist, a technician, a decision maker, and yes, even mom, dad, and spouse.

This year our choice has demonstrated the qualities of a leader, a commitment to the veterinary profession and dedication to the community. As stated by one of his/her coworkers, this individual “has been an incredible leader to the staff. He/she adapts easily to changes in the field and keeps the staff motivated to perform at top levels.”

This individual had experience as a secretary, a bank teller and day care provider prior to joining the practice. All of these things contributed to a good base of knowledge, and skills for the practice manager position as noted by her employer.

Jamie Holter of Dodgeville Veterinary Service is the 2017 Practice Manger of the year.

Jamie as been practice manager of Dodgeville Veterinary Service for 19 years. She finds her job challenging and rewarding. She attends at least one national convention every year to sharpen her management skills and bring back valuable information and exciting new ideas. She also attends management meetings at the state level.

One of Jamie’s many goals for the clinic was to have the clinic AAHA accredited and she accomplished that task in six months through her leadership and motivated staff.

The Dodgeville Veterinary Service has been a beta testing clinic for Cornerstone for many years. It requires Jamie to test and evaluate new versions of the software and Jamie is always excited to help improve the software program not only for her clinic but also all clinics that own that software. Jamie has even been asked to be a speaker and member of a panel discussion at the Idexx national convention for Cornerstone users.

Jamie has made the “dreaded staff meeting” interesting with innovative and entertaining agenda items. She has transformed Dodgeville Veterinary Clinic into a “fear Free’ clinic with 12 of the employees Fear Free Certified. There has been a noticeable change in communication with the pets and “our employees are much happier not having to fight with our patients!”

Outside the clinic environment, Jamie is very active with her church, the Dodgeville Chamber of Commerce and other community events.

Her owner puts it best when he states, “I am very proud of the Dodgeville Veterinary Service, we are constantly improving with changes to better meet the needs of our clients and our staff. Jamie is the underlying force in all of this, and I am most proud of her.”

Congratulations Jamie and thank you for your leadership and dedication to the veterinary profession.

Jamie please step forward to be recognized as Marshfield Labs is graciously presenting your award.

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4 responses to “Jamie Holter Practice Manager of the Year”

  1. Linda Meek says:

    congrats Jamie!!!!!!!!

  2. Robbin Polivka says:

    Congratulations Jamie!

  3. Dan Meier says:

    Jamie you so deserve this award… It’s always a great pleasure to see and talk to you at D.V.S…. You truly are a driving force in making D.V.S. a top notch clinic, that I know Ozzy and I truly love to visit, and with the wonderful staff on hand at D.V.S. it is Our Clinic…. Congratulations from Ozzy and Dan..!!

  4. Dianne Evans says:

    I am not surprised to hear Jamie won this award. She earned it hands down for all she does for the community. How wonderful we have this clinic in Dodgeville.

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